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Jinhu Jeely Sport Products Co.,Ltd

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Name: Bin Zheng
Tel: +86-517-86853773
Fax: +86-517-86903773
Mobile: +86-13852352792
E-mail: bin@jeelysports.com
E-mail: cherry@jeelysports.com
Add: No.1 Gongyi Road,Jinhu County 211600,Huai'an City,Jiangsu Province,China

About Us

Jinhu Jeely Sport Products Co.,Ltd was established on 2002,in the early days on the basis of raw textile material,and then expand to Sea and Sky sports accessories products.

We are corporation companies,which as three companies.

The one is for dyneema rope&ripstop fabric,another is for fishing tackle,the last one is for kitesurfing products.

Our customers mainly extent all over the world mainly districts in Australia,New Zealand,USA,Canada,Brazil,Argentina,Europe,Asia,South Africa and other small counties.

Our factories located in nearby Shanghai port,round 3hours route.very convenient.no matter by air or sea.

Quick time to dispatch and receive the cargo.

Our relate products are comprehensive,basically each customers can order the what they want at one time.

Each series products we produce involved many related products.

Such as we produce 

Almost all application and properties dyneema rope and line.

Almost all series carp fishing tackle and part of sea fishing tackle.

Almost all series kitesurfing main equipment.

Plus we have enough experience and specialized in this three fields for several years.

And we can customize the products as per customers’ requirements

Now we have been getting more and more famous,and more and more brands are liked to cooperate with us.

During past years,we developed many welcomed products to suit customer’s requirements, our team has been getting stronger,now our produce capacity is sufficient and have been making cooperation with many famous companies and have enough experience to deal with bulk orders.Such as:JIG STAR,BROXXLINE,OLIVE,TAA,QUCIKDRAWOUTDOORS,METEL Corporation,TOPWELL FABRIC CO.,LTD ETC.

We can also provide all kinds of customized products,if any requests,please feel free contact us.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate target.

Welcome to visit our company.